Channel the Yoda

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Nothing More than a Gnat in the Hair

Today I sat with a TOTAL STRANGER and chatted about life. Not about our ideology of living but of the honest what-what joy and sorrow of being alive.

It was awesome. It was painful. I guess if I put it in an analogy (cause I love analogies!) it was living.

It was honest too. I had nothing to lose in telling the truth. He was a clean slate. He knew nothing of my past woes or willfuls and I nothing of his. So we spilled--on accident mostly--what affected, afflicted, reconnected us to life.


We discussed people and their choices--our choices made upon their choices and where that has led us now.

This is all ambiguous to you, but know that our conversation mattered to me. Enough that I'm sitting here on my couch watching the Military Channel (Hitler's Bodyguards) at 1 something in the am wondering not about the future or even the past, but who I am now.

And I think, tomorrow I'm buying a ticket to Ireland. Today I worked hard at being a good friend. This morning I only drank one cup of coffee and switched it out for tea. Last night I went to a jazz club and an open mic poetry jam (oh my!) and clapped for EVERY PERSON UP THERE. It takes guts. And booze.

If I delve deeper into me I find a certain pain that's "afflicted" my senses for a time and have totally despised the affect it's had on me.

But tonight/today after chatting with this stranger about where I've been (not just physically) and where he's going (somewhat emotionally) I think, shit, life's short.

And the affliction that's been plaguing me, when blended with the daily choices I'm making, becomes nothing more than a gnat in the curly hair--annoying for a time but eventually squashed and given no more thought.

So, TOTAL STRANGER (with no danger) who let me let ME out for a bit today, thank you, I needed that.


  1. Respectfully calling BS. You had coffee at 3pm. Just sayin'.

  2. YOU ARE RIGHT! I was wrong. Respectively saying, thanks for being jerk to point it out. Hahahaa!