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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ROAD TRIP! Following that Compulsive Traveling Gut (INSTINCT)

Where to go? What to see? What path is right for you and me?

Where to stay? What days and times? And with who, that tolerate all my rhymes?

Let's break it down!

November 27-Dec 2, 2011 (6 days)


Upper Peninsula
Ontario, Quebec, Canada
Upstate New York
A swoop down brings us back to big stinky cheese Wisconsin
And “Hello Again,” Minneapolis

There you have it folks; the path…

Can it be done? CAN IT BE DONE?!

Calm down, it’s not a challenge just a path that is always up for redirection or stopped in its tracks due to a massive Upper Peninsula blizzard (knock on wood and reminder to self to finish “Cold” book.)

Where to go is directly related to what we want see.


That is my ultimate goal. I don’t know (IDK) the why’s specific to my desire to be there, I’m just following my gut—my Compulsive Traveling gut.

Specific to Quebec City is the Parliament building (Hotel du Parlement)—second empire architectural style, completed in 1886, with free 30 minute guided tours about the history of Quebec and it’s parliamentary institutions Monday thru Friday, 9 am-4:30 pm.

Yep, I’m a happy geek who loves her history.

Did I mention it’s an astoundingly beautiful edifice? I’m a sucker for a beauty. Who isn’t?

Prior to Quebec there is Exeter, Ontario, HOME OF THE WHITE SQUIRREL! Yes they are very proud with their mascot “Willis the White Wonder.”

We can’t forget the Gaetano Alberto "GUY" Lombardo Museum in London, Ontario--not only a band leader and violinist BUT also 1946 Gold Cup hydroplane speedboat race winner, winner chicken dinner!

And at some point we need to sleep in a YURT.

YURT: a portable, bent wood-framed dwelling structure traditionally used by Turkic nomads in the steppes of Central Asia.

Also found in CANADA! I mean, who knew?

There is a list plum full of CANADIAN possibilities:

Alien Sightings near the North Bay of Ottawa
World’s Largest Apple (Colborne)
Tiny Church (Dunlop)
Monument: The Farthest the U.S. ever invaded Canada (Hamilton)
Lifelike Dinosaurs AND Patio Furniture
Life-Size Jumbo the Elephant, He died here (St. Thomas)
The “Underwater” Railway: The Tunnel of Death

Finicky Montreal is the final stop before we make our way into the states. I say finicky because all research points to FINICKY. I could be wrong in my assessment and I’m open to opposing arguments but driving sounds ugly and parking thrice as disgusting, so writes Tripadvisor.

But I’m up for the challenge or will have convinced myself I am by then.

From there it’s about Detroit, the LARGEST TIRE, and whatever fits our fancy between here and there and heck everywhere!

It will be an adventure that I'm happily sharing with someone who flows in the same direction as me. It shall be interesting and posting bail has been discussed as well as weapons I’m not allowed to have in my trunk.

Whatever. Protection is necessity.

This trip is about freedom, open road and a celebration of a forward moving life.

On that note I’m moving forward on publishing this blog post.


Well hello world!


  1. I'm feeling' a Thelma and Louise vibe here. Eastern Canada is beautiful. Enjoy!


    And trust me, you're up for the challenge... XOX