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Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I am all in a tizzy!

My first novel is just about to be published and I am swirling in stress. But I love it.

So! Everyone Gather Round...

Coming Soon:

Not Everyone Poops

By: Nerissa N. Nordquist


Engulfed in anxiety, frustration and constant constipation, Henrietta Martha James spends her time writing angry letters to Taro Gomi, the acclaimed author of “Everyone Poops.” She is demanding a formal explanation...the possibility of rewrites...or at least a change to the title of his book because she, Henrietta, does not poop. Well, not like “everyone” does.

Growing up with an illness that doctors struggle to diagnose, Henrietta constantly hears how she is “supposed” to be, while discovering that “normal” does not apply to her – at least not the way her body works. A humorous and painful real-life journey into the world of digestive disorders, her story brings to light one of life’s dirty little secrets.

Not Everyone Poops.

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