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Monday, September 24, 2012


Just in...Seattle, Washington. That's right! I'm so excited!!!! 

And, Bethany Ambuehl, if you are reading this, be prepared. We will be stopping by your Wine Bar. You better be there. If not...fate is a funny, funny, jerk potato butt face with a crappy sense of humor and rancid cologne made from vinegar and monkey urine.

I could just call you...but it's best to put it in the air and hope it finds you.

November 13th-15th look for me because I will be looking for you.

PS-Hope you are well and that you still work at that Wine Bar...

To all others who read the blog for the sake of reading, which is always good for ones intellect I've been told, I will be traveling to Portland, Oregon the 15th-17th of November. This shall be beautiful, fun, and just plain excellent times for all!

So lets play pinochle with panache and plain vigor.


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