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Thursday, May 24, 2012


Time to go back.

Time to go home.

Or something like that.

But I'm okay.

With the "like that."

I'm kinda happy with the going home.

Which is novel. It is new. To be happy or at least kinda with returning from a trip. I tend to not want it to end or at least not board the plane that takes me back to where I once flew from.

The last time I left Tampa, I almost landed in Prague.

But today I wouldn't want to land in Prague when flying out tomorrow. Not never. Just not tomorrow.

And it wasn't a change in the trip that has moved my mind set. It was the same type of wonderful Tampa Bay trip that I experienced last September. The activities differed but the warm feelings are the same.

This time we Disney'd and danced or at least I did prance through Floridian hot as sh** weather (every day mind you) wearing a mostly almost total smile that was induced by relaxation and at one point a 34" pure sugar bong that all parks sell to keep children high and 2 iced coffees to keep the parents flying with them.

I Busched the Garden today surrounded by the beauty that is Safari animals. My chest puffed to the gorillas, my heart went to the tigers, and my laughter spilled to the twists, turns, ups, downs, and all arounds of the wild rides.

A Lakeland tour with Wright's amazing architectural sights, run-walk-lunges were not forgotten to a vacation mind-lost, relationships and families were bonded, and a Grandma, my Grandma, celebrated her birthday today with happy tears, presents only she would love, and an extra, extra chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. (She is a pretty wonderful Grandma I might add.)

At this time, it's the final night as I sit on a white wicker chair, in a beautiful screened in porch, listening to wind, thunder and the Tampa Bay waves, with a Dan sprawled nearby enjoying all the things to enjoy with me as I write this post.

I am thinking...

Gosh this is wonderful. I smell salt and campfire in the air. The wind and waves lull to a serene backdrop of what a life when you just breathe, just smile, just pause, must be like.

I am happy for that. For this moment. For the "now" that I feel.

And that "now" just last September would've spiraled me to bust to somewhere else, anywhere else than was where I had to go back to. Heck, that is exactly how I ended up in Chile.


My happy heart lies deep in a place that resides where I shall return tomorrow. There, is where I want to be.

So I'll take the sweet "now" and tuck it in a memory that keeps the other "nows" that suck donkey you know what, from being such, well, suckers (to put it kindly). They are a balancing act for each other. Besides, the "nows" that suck have been reduced greatly in size since I let my heart lie, like a puddle in the place that it resides...right now, next to me, but tomorrow, where I shall return on the morrow.

Entiendo? Gnome saying? Comprende?

PS-I need to look up the logistics of owning a squirrel...or something squirrel-like...maybe an owl...a small a stunted owl that can't harm small dogs...or my squirrel...supposing that I already had the squirrel (if legal I guess)...and then decided, hmm, I want a stunted owl.

PPS-Sea otters rock.

PPPS-Now what I don't understand is that we can shoot squirrels and eat them but I can't have one as a pet? And I'm not talking about chinchillas cause those suckers are mean. I know. First hand. MEAN. But I met a nice squirrel today named Ralph...and so I wonder.

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