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Monday, September 12, 2011


An old adventure once poo-poo'ed is now woo-woo'ed! WOO!

Yes You Can. That's right. Yes You Can!

DO WHAT you ask?

Circumnavigate the Globe of course.


If adventure on the high seas is what you please (yes please) then join the ranks of ROUND-THE-WORLD SAILORS (RTW)!

To do it technically you must:

• pass every meridian (line of longitude)
• cover a distance of at least the Earth's circumference
• pass a pair of antipodal point

11 years ago I made a grand decision that I wanted to buy a sail boat. I even put it on my life list.


Because I can. Because I could. Because I had failed out of college. Because I gave up dance and theater.

I had nothing going for me, nothing to save for and was spending all my money on booze, delivery pizza and soda. (and bad clothes)

And, I really like water. Boats. Big boats. Small boats. The open seas. An endless blue. Freedom.

I told everyone!

Most thought it lofty, crazy or worthless. To them, sailing on a boat wasn't practical nor grownup.

I silently thought it outrageous too. But I'm a dreamer. Most of all, I'm a believer.

Others challenged that it couldn't be done; not without a team of sailors. That might've been true then but times have changed!

Recently 16-year old Australian Jessica Watson broke the record for the youngest solo and unassisted person to complete the feat of circumnavigating the world.

That means I can do it alone now if I so desire.

I don't desire though. It's always good to have a partner. I even think my roommate’s cat, Samoa, might be interested. She likes fish and she'd look good in a sailor’s hat. Just saying.

Anyway I saved all my change from every serving shift, rolled them into EE Savings Bonds and patiently waited for my future on the high seas. Of course 7 years later I cashed them in to produce my first play--a different dream realized.

But! I never forgot the sail boat. And now, TODAY, I see it as a viable adventure in my not so near but not so distant future.

It takes roughly a year to sail the world at a pleasurable, world viewing/interacting pace. Oh yes, I will interact. Oh yes, I will laugh...!

Wait, what are the laws for guns and weapons of sorts on international waters? Can I have a cannon? Plank? Dingy? I'll need a mechanic! Salt pork? Who speaks Arabic? Mandarin? Will I have cell phone service? How do you do laundry? I can deep sea fish!

There are so many questions and plans to be made.

Step One:


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