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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We Were Lost in the Woods!

"I'm taking you to Grundy's Canyon. It's different and fun and way closer than the North Shore because you've never been there. You'll see, Nerissa," Jessica states.

Okay. I'm ready to see.

I've never been to the Blue Hills. Sad, I know.

Three hours later we are wandering around the forest...LOST! One cell phone dead (mine), one on limited signal and a flashlight.

The sun is setting.

We find the trail that leads us back. Wait, is this the right trail? I thought it was skinnier. I don't remember the grass being this high. We hear cars in the distance.

EW! SLUG! THERE'S A SLUG ON ME! SLUG! It's not a worm but it's the same as a worm, just a midget cousin.

Is that rain?

Duke, her black lab, is bounding through the brush and whizzing through and on the grass. He's happy.

I'm...a little concerned.

It's around 6:30 now. We turn around and retrace the trail. Up and down the canyon we go. She calls her brother.

"Yes we are lost. No lie," She spouts.

I hear him laughing. But he's sweet and offers to drive over and honk his horn on the road. If that doesn't work, he says we should go back to waterfall.

Oh yes, I didn't even mention the waterfall. It was beautiful. But not where I wanted to be spending the night.

Jessica starts to freak a little. She does not want to spend the night in woods. I shrug.

"You know, not all of us are part mountain goat like you!" she bellows while hiking ahead of me.

I SQUEALED! Oh my cheese and rice did I laugh. Jessica can be funny. She doesn't think so, BUT that was quick.

All I can think about is the bear poop we saw at the beginning of the trail. Play dead right? I'm not that tasty anyway bear!

But if spending the night in the woods is what has to happen, then we better start thinking about where to land ourselves cause we need to conserve energy. We have no food, water and at this point shelter. Our pants are soaked to our knees and COVERED IN SLUGS...I'm fine.

I have Kleenex/toilet paper that I brought with because of my tiny bladder and um, Chapstick.

I wasn't prepared and I totally know better.

Now we are splitting off from each other. One stays put on the trail while the other checks out possibilities while keeping each other in eyesight. Make sense? It does. But it won't matter soon because it's getting dark.

We find a clearing. It reminds me of Colorado. I told her that this is where you would see a moose. It's about all the useful information I have right now.

I've never been here. I don't even know how these woods/hills are situated in relationship to North/South/East or West. I know we came in on the West/North side but maybe once you are in the hills they expand and what I thought was the farthest North was just a trail head--the beginning--the tip!

So far she has been leading the way. But the way is now us on the same trail walking back and forth but getting nowhere. Finally, I get frustrated.

I start stomping forward on the first trail we started walking on; the trail where we could hear the cars. I tell her we are following this until we get out. It's a wide trail, made by a trailer or tractor. It had to originate somewhere.

I don't care if we end up in some farmers field or on the other side of the hills we are walking this trail until we can't see anymore!

10 minutes later we see a clearing! A meadow! A moose meadow. With no moose.

Jessica is picking berries because they are FRESH BERRIES NERISSA she says emphatically. And plus if we need to spend the night, we need something to eat. I patted my stuffed I.B.S. belly saying, "That's something I don't need to worry about."

The trees are thinning out. The trail is wider. The grass IS STILL HIGH AND COVERED WITH SLUGS...I refuse to freak out.

And there are the fields. The open fields we walked through to get here. BEAR POOP! The bear poop I saw. The sun is almost set. It's 7:25 p.m. We were going to see a play at the Red Barn Theater that night.

We call her brother. No need to honk. We found the trail. Jessica picks an apple as we walk out.

I'm picking slugs and other things off my pants. Jessica has changed into old sweats from her trunk.

We are starving.

The point of this blog post is to say WE ARE SORRY WE MISSED YOUR PLAY STEVE DEMARS, we were lost in the woods.

And...I hate slugs.

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