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Thursday, April 12, 2012


First thoughts:




Cobblestone HIGH STREET (Old Edinburgh)...

I pause there, reminiscing about the night we spent with my college friend Genean LaChapelle Fisher. She is currently finishing her masters there. And btw, she seems very happy which was wonderful to see.

That night we started at the bar 3 Sisters where drinks come in mini sand buckets and standing on an open patio when it's 40 degrees out is absolutely normal.  

I noticed that WE were completely overdressed in our jackets and pants as compared to the mini-skirts, short-shorts, and lacy tights I saw strutting around.

Wandering the streets and various bars we found our way to the bar, "Lebowski's: Not a Man- A Way of Life..."

A fledging fan of the movie I am, so a White Russian I had, with a sweet top of cocoa powder for a tasty finish.

Strolling back, singing Janis Joplin while prancing, we bolt into a convenience store WHERE I found my elusive (since Canada) SWEET SESAME CRACKERS and 4 Kinder Eggs (all duds).

And I'll pause here, with Edinburgh on my mind...

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